Thursday, April 7, 2011

Monochrome Ocean Blue Poem

Is it the dream of the mind
or is it the dream of the heart
that leads me to a neverending sad story?

Is it that our moment has alredy ended?
the white cold snow that brings tears down my face
I still remember the ocean blue

Is it warm now?
was the road you walk last
scattered with colorful flowers
or it was only their monochrome shadows
what you felt at the end?

I want to find the thin red line
that takes me to that road faster
I want to meet you
as the bright purple light goes down
I want to talk about sand and things long forgotten

The sound of the familiar voice
from the salty hot air in the days of summer
I still remember

The heart that doesnt know love
the heart that sinks in nothing
but fog storm like dreams
Is not a heart anymore?

Please show me the way..........

By Las Noches