Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Eye Collector & faces

Hello everyone! how are you doing?

I have been featured in The Eye Collector art magazine :D here: Eye Collector ......aaalso I'm working in new face necklaces but I want to do something different, this time I want the graphite to show up even if I add some color or maybe leave them as graphite drawings only? I don't know >< I can't make up my mind! what do you think? as always the picture doesn't show the actual detail that they have T0T 

I have so much that I want to do that I feel like going crazy @.@ I wish I could shush my brain more efficiently!!! haha last week I was moaning about having an artistic block now I want my head to stop thinking so much, go figure xD and in other things!! I try to post using the programming and it worked like 2 times after that only failures =.= don't know why tho- 

ok I hope everyone is doing well see you all soon! xoxo

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Birdy - 1901

Great voice if you ask me, she has my lil sis same age!! omg @.@ crazy young T0T

After an epic artistic block that seemed to go on forever and a broke monitor I don't have much to show at the moment but I hope everyone is doing well, see you soon! Fighting! xD 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

7 series portraits

Hello everyone!

I think that I forgot to post this here OTL ........2 finished small portraits of a series of 7, acrylic on paper, the titles are inspired in "THE (something)" as in "The Choker" & "The Tear" I guess I got inspired by JYJ? O.o

Anyways... the truth I was super sad when I painted these 2 I'm not sure if the rest are going to have the same feeling, I want them to since they are supposed to be a series but we'll see :)

Thanks for watching!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

the hearts never end....

Apparently my obsession with heart shaped stuff has no end @.@ 2 new pieces from the series "all the lonely hearts" 

"ButterHeart" shadow box specimen butterfly heart thingy....... 

"TeaHeart" I think the frog came out super cute!! haha right?
lately I feel like painting with watercolor again but I haven't, don't know why.... soon maybe?

anyways have a nice day everyone!! :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


My painting Mental Aeroswim was featured on Sara's Art Studio Blog here by the owner of the lovely blog (Sara) & here by readers that vote for my painting as their favorite art of the week!!

Thank you very much :D

Have a great day everyone!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Packaging for a new home in the UK

One of my pieces found a new home in the UK :D
I took this pic in a rainy day the light looks so weird O.o this is the packaging I did, is ok but I really think needs improvement, what concerns me the most is the transit between my hands and the final destination I want it to be useful, ecofriendly as much as possible*, light weigh  and protective....too much to ask? maybe haha but I want my babies to get safe to their new homes!! 

Also if I over do it and the costumer just throw it away, it would be a waste O.o I over think eveeerything! I know..... I better stop the bla bla ._______.

Friday, June 15, 2012

100% CHOCOLATE cafe

There's a place in Japan that I would be sooo thrill to visit *____* 100% Chocolate located in Kyobashi, Cho-ku, Tokyo Meiji Kyobashi Bldg. 100% Chocolate cafe is part of   Meiji Co, Ltd a japanese company that sells between other things all kinds of candy. The cafe and head quarters are in the same building.

A sugar lover as myself a place that is all about chocolate in Japan could not be missed!!!

They have 56 different flavors of solid chocolate square shaped, with number and code color 1-22 single bean chocolate made with cacao from a specific country, 23-27 variations of sweetener, 28-32 variations of milk, 33-40 discovery of Japan (blends of Japan's flavors) 41-48 European taste, 49-54 variations of spices & herbs 55-56 early blends of Meiji.

They also have the chocolate of the day (a different flavor everyday), the date is stamped on the chocolate @.@!

of course they have other stuff like cakes, drinks, ice creams...... chocolate and nothing but chocolate! 

Can this be more heavenly!?!? seriously! ><

Recently opened on May 22th of this year another shop "Soramachi tokyo sky tree"

For real what can I say they even have souvenirs, shisus! you know that I only want to be there.
Website in Japanese only:

Thursday, June 7, 2012

25% discount at my etsy shop!!

Yay!!! Im having a special 15 days discount at my etsy shop from Jun7 till Jun21!!! right here: Las Noches Art Shop just enter the code  15DAYSDISCJUN12  at the checkout page. 

Everyone I hope ur having a nice day!! ♥

Sail Away Drawing

Finishedddddddddddddddd!!!!!!! me happy shakes butt* xD I drew till 3am I wanted to finish it so badly!! but  I finished till the next day.

I'm the most happy when I manage to work fast and non stop I wish that to happen more often OTL. with this piece I was in the "zone" haha you know? when you can see it sooo clearly in your mind, when you know exactly how you want it to look like, aaaaaaah it was so much fun to do! :D

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


the piece I'm working on, another graphite on paper, from the lists of all the paintings/drawings that I have in mind to do this was not part of, it just pop up in my mind so clearly that I had to draw it xD 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Self promoting....I'm sorry......?

Normally I try to keep my journal not to personal and I was going to write a post about 100% chocolate (the all chocolate store in Japan) but I read something and I would like to write something about it here.

I was navigating over an amazing artist blog, one of her entry's caught my attention it was something about being sorry for posting such a self-promoting like entry then she clarify that to make it worth it she had found some useful info for artists that she was going to shared...............whut?!

Ok so I have read this and other peoples comments of the sort and I have to say that I do understand why people feels like that but are you serious? having to apologies for promoting your work is just ridiculous what are we supposed to do? not eat would be a good idea if you ask me but guess what? we cannot, in an ideal world all artists should be highly appreciated for their work! yay! and never ever even wonder what your going to eat tomorrow, or where you are going to live, or you have children? maybe they don't eat either! who knows! technology makes it all possible right? No! wrong! lol

Not only that, is also expected from the so call self promoter to give something interesting, useful, fun or just plain entertaining in exchange for such hideous fault!

Yeah I know I'm taking this to a exaggerated level but think it this way we don't like it neither! or at least I do not like it, is a tired, frustrating thing that takes an enormous amount of time that I could be using to create but it has to be done, wait what? spam? you see the same post over an over again? well yeah as in everything global time is all* you want to reach a large amount of people in the fastest way or be left behind in this super fast crazy world or maybe not?

For example when a movie, super big movie comes out something call promoting happens right?, and I don't see people complaining what so ever, you see the same add every 5 minutes on your tv or radio or even in the street as posters etc, but no one says hey you mister avenger why on earth are you stopping traffic with your self promoting thingy! you don't fool me! I know you do this to get me to give you my money and make you insanely, obscenely rich!! you are annoying! stop it already or word of honor I will unfollow you!  LOL ok I'm not comparing myself with a movie star but you know what I mean is not only ok people admire all that so from where comes all this apologising for self promoting your work as an artist, illustrator, musician, painter, designer,etc?

Also another thing I read today said: when something is pretty doesn't need marketing, touche!! so damn right in that case I'm the ugliest thing alive and my work is the ugliest thing alive and I need endless self promoting, that or drown myself in nuttela..................but hey! it's just my opinion it's well known that I got it wrong sometimes :) what do you think?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ball jointed doll flower faerie drawing

New drawing available at the shop HERE

Graphite on strathmore watercolor paper 8" x 8"

Im happy with the result of this drawing I think it came out really cute! :D I will definitively made more of this
Thank for watching!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mini strawberry heart necklace

New mini strawberry heart necklace available at the shop Here

Made with paper clay and hand painted with acrylics, isn't super cute!!!!? xD
thanks for watching :) 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Star angel & late happy mothers day

My comp source power supply totally died on me @.@ for all the weekend I thought all my info and stuff was lost forever all my editing work which I spend countless days doing all my art archive omg I can go on forever but! nothing was lost Im online again and happy late mothers day ><

My sister and I made a plan to cook breakfast for our mother this past weekend needless to say I ended up doing it alone but that's not surprise =.= anyway....... also I draw this little piece of an angel with stars as gift for  my umma, this paper was nice to work with but it gets dirty super mega easily omg @.@ so I had to be super cautious xD

Friday, May 4, 2012

My kind of Fairy tale

Snow White and the Huntsman - Official Trailer #2  better than mirror mirror in my opinion.....

M83 - Wait

Send your dreams
Where nobody hides
Give your tears
To the tide
No time
No time
There's no end
There is no goodbye
With the night
No time
No time
No time
No time
No time

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

POLICA - Amongster (Official Music Video)

Person of Interest - Identity crisis so totally brought me to this xD

Amongst the trees, amongst my freedom
My hands are red, I have been bleeding
What will happen, what will happen when I seduce you, teacher
Yes to greyhound rides, no to you by my side
I don’t need you, I don't need anyone
Come back
Come back

Fire burning down at monastery road
Why'd you do it lover throwing matches in my home
How I begged him to take other women on
But he don't know where to turn
He don't know who to call on
Is that all? Is that all?

Apologies like the birds in the sky
And even they are falling like the tears in my eyes
Everyone's asking, everyone's asking

Apologies like the birds in the sky
And even they are falling like the tears in my eyes
Everyone's asking where's your child in this plan
Why you gonna ask me if I’d cut off my own hand
Is that all? Is that all?

Sly, you’re still a liar
Your words are not enough
Sly, you’re still a liar
Your words are not enough
Sly, you’re still a liar
I need you to be rough
Sly, you’re still a liar
I need you to be rough
Sly, you’re still a liar
I need you to be rough 

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Clock

"The Clock" graphite on paper a drawing that I finished last week 

I had to take picture cuz my scanner is to small for this piece and I feel to lazy to scan it all in parts >< so thats why everything looks so dark.... ups!

Some details in the images below. 

Thanks for watching have a nice day everyone :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

old cooking recipe book illustrations

Some old illustrations that I found cleaning my folders! for a recipe book xD 

Soup section I dont remember I think I used watercolor and colored pencils on this one...? mmm......who knows by now otl "Someone's been eating my porridge!"

Ink and acrylic, karft paper is not fancy at all but is fun to work on it I think :) 

omg LOL I got inspired by Fozzy bear for this!!!  why did the chicken cross the road? to get to the pan! lolololol ........cough* ok anyways........

Sugarland!! this paper is all bling bling in real life 

what I was thinking?!?!?! LOL
Well the person who got this illustrations was very pleased with them!! but ironically she doesnt cook at all!!! @.@ sigh* but! I remember they were so much fun to make :)
thanks for watching have a nice day everyone! 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Las Noches Etsy Shop is now open!!!

My etsy shop is now open :) with dolls and necklaces available!! throws confetti* hehe postcards, prints, aceos and original art coming soon! dances around* I worked really hard on my shop and I'll filling it little by little. If you like my stuff please support me! 

Nine hand painted heart pendants available at my shop:

Right side

Back side

Made with paper clay and painted with acrylics

Colors are more pretty in real life! thanks for watching

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A fast trip + a postcard

This place is call La peñita de Jaltemba is where my grandpa used to live, is 4hrs away from Jalisco and 1hr from Vallarta.

I took this pics on a little trip I made with my mother a few weeks back
it was very hard cuz we made it in just one day!! we could not stay the night so in total it was 8hrs on the bus I was dying!!! @.@ with nausea sigh*** haha

The birds fight each other to get a spot on the wires O.o is insane 

Trying to catch that bird on flight...........LOL my focus went all wrong

Isn't amazing how blue the sky was that day??!

Trying to get the waves before they touch my feet ups! so blurry, Im still lerning to use my camera Im sure it has some feature to shoot stuff in motion somewhere....? 

 Is that a heart what Im seeing there!!!!??? hehe yeah my obsession with heart shaped stuff never ends ><

Outside my window back at home :)

And a postcard from All the lonely hearts series that I forgot to upload.......well that it I hope you are having a great day!