Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Emily Jane Brontë poem

The Night is Darkening Around Me

The night is darkening round me,
The wild winds coldly blow ;
But a tyrant spell has bound me,
And I cannot, cannot go.

The giant trees are bending
Their bare boughs weighed with snow ;
The storm is fast descending,
And yet I cannot go.

Clouds beyond clouds above me,
Wastes beyond wastes below ;
But nothing drear can move me :
I will not, cannot go.

By Emily Jane Brontë

Another poem to share with you. Emily Jane Brontë english novelist and poet, she write the novel "Wuthering Heights".

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sora, Cielo, Sky


From the air a patchwork of ochre,
grenish and silver stones,
that brighten the earth.

Take my hand, lets take flight,
let the wind entagle your red hair,
through the storms to a cloudyless land.

Crossing the sky over a flying bridge of stars,
what lies beyond this blue curtain?

In this ephemeral journey,
in this precios instant in wich you are flowing,
as the clock goes on, over the ground, FLYER!
rise your heart to the infinity soul freedom.

by Las Noches

My newest doll "Sora" she's an aviator crossing the sky of imagination, I also write a poem or kind of .......hope you like it!

I made her with fabric and acrilycs.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The art of Daniel Merriam

Daniel Merriam is an amaizing artist, I love his work so much it's full of fantasy and detail. I hope my work to be as beatuful, rich and detailed as his some day. I really don't have permission to use his images so I'm going to break rules here, it's wrong but I really want to show you his art, it's really my favorite artist in the world!

As usual links to official pages in purple letters.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Alma ausente by Federico Garcia Lorca

Alma ausente

No te conoce el toro ni la higuera,
ni caballos ni hormigas de tu casa.
No te conoce el niño ni la tarde
porque te has muerto para siempre.

No te conoce el lomo de la piedra,
ni el raso negro donde te destrozas.
No te conoce tu recuerdo mudo
porque te has muerto para siempre.

El otoño vendrá con caracolas,
uva de niebla y montes agrupados,
pero nadie querrá mirar tus ojos
porque te has muerto para siempre.

Porque te has muerto para siempre,
como todos los muertos de la Tierra,
como todos los muertos que se olvidan
en un montón de perros apagados.

No te conoce nadie. No. Pero yo te canto.
Yo canto para luego tu perfil y tu gracia.
La madurez insigne de tu conocimiento.
Tu apetencia de muerte y el gusto de su boca.
La tristeza que tuvo tu valiente alegría.

Tardará mucho tiempo en nacer, si es que nace,
un andaluz tan claro, tan rico de aventura.
Yo canto su elegancia con palabras que gimen
y recuerdo una brisa triste por los olivos.

by Federico Garcia Lorca (1898 - 1936)

Absent Soul

The bull doesn't know you, nor the fig tree,
nor horses, nor ants of your house.
The boy doesn't know you, nor the afternoon
because you have died forever.

The surface of the stone doesn't know you,
nor the black satin where you are shattered.
Your dumb memory doesn't know you,
because you have died forever.

The Autum will come with seashells,
grape of fog and grouping mountains,
but nobody will want to look your eyes,
because you have died forever.

Because you have died forever,
like all the dead of the world,
like all the dead that are forgotten,
in a heap of dull dogs.

No one knows you. No, but I sing for you,
I sing for later your profile and your grace,
The distinguished maturity of your knowledge,
Your apetite for dead and the taste of its mouth.
The sadness that had your brave joy.

It will take a long time to born, if there is ever born,
An andalusian so clear, so rich of adventure,
I sing its elegance with words that groan,
and I remember a sad breeze for the olives.

This poem is from the spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca, I thinks it's a very beautiful poem it matchs my actual feelings and the resent events on my life.
I try my best translating this poem, by no means it's a good transaltion, but you can have an idea of what is about, isn't?. Also I think my english is very bad...sorry

Saturday, November 28, 2009


One week ago, November 20 my grandfather died, i't was a kill you slowly, take your money and run away kind of story, you know that kind of thing that we see on tv about people that you know very well friends, or family doing horrible things for a few coins? it's totally truee!!!! OMG!!!

This "thing" went for almost 4 months and on the last month things just keep geting worst and worst and my family and I basically stop living trying to figured out how to fix this living hell, it doesn't matter anymore, my grandfather didn't make it; in the end he could not speak, eat or breath and he had this look in his face like saying: do something!!

I wish I could say he died fast and painless but he did not.

I still don't get it, this is just! I can't even tell what this is! how is that things like this happen just like that, no justice, no witness no nothing!

Yesterday I start painting again, between that and other problems in my life, I didn't work on my art at all.

Mi abuelo murio el 20 de noviembre del 2009.
My grandfather past away, november 20 of 2009.
11 gatsu nijyu youka Watashi no ojiisan ga shindeshimaimashita.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Month New Music

New month new music! I update the music in my blog with:

1. The Vla - When I Am Through With You: Featured on the tv show Damages opening
2. Abingdon Boys School - from Dusk Till Dawn: Featured on the Darker than black Ryuusei no gemini anime ending
3. Panda - Solo A Terceros: a Mexican rock? Band
4. Oasis - Falling Down: Featured on the Higashi no eden(Eden of the east) anime opening
5. Monoral - Kiri: Featured on the Ergo Proxy anime opening
6. Plastic Tree - Makka Na Ito: From the Makka na ito single
7. Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever: From the movie soundtrack Highlander
8. Mucc - Fukuro No Yurikago: From the Kyuitai album
9. D'espairsray - Yami Ni Furu Kiseki(Classical White Version): From Horizon single
10. M-flo Loves Chara - Love To Live By: M-flo feat Chara(Miwa Satō)from Cosmicolor album
11. Interpol - Pioneer To The Falls: From the album Our love to admire
12. Interpol - No I In Threesome: From the album Our love to admire
13. The Strokes - Heart In a Cage: From the First Impressions of Earth album
14. Keane - Bedshaped: From the Hopes & Fears album
15. Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #3: From the Funeral album
16. Oren Lavie - a Dance 'round The Memory Tree: From the movie soundtrack Narnia: Prince Caspian
17. My Chemical Romance - I Don't Love You: From the The Black Parade album

Yeah tons of useless information XD
P.S. happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Handmade - Art - Postcard - Worldwide - Exchange

It's been so many days since I write something here, some things had happend, my submission for the october expo didn't make it to the final yeah sadly, many things are going on in my mind that I haven't been working as much as I intent to, so many family issues and stuff.

In other news I decided to go on my own to Mexico City to see my beloved Mucc!!! yes!! I'm very happy about it!! a-n-d scared! XD please wish me luck.

This idea has been on my mind for a long time now and I decided to give it a try, maybe in the worst case nobody would send anything! O_o OK! this is it, Handmade-Art-Postcard-Worldwide-Exchange! yeeee!!!
-And how this works?well, you make an artpostcard and send it to me, anyone from any part of the world.
-With what? with anything you want, watercolor, acrylics, oleo, pen, pencil, collage, fabrics, poetry, digitalart you name it!
-Size? 6X4 1/4 inches is standar size.
-Theme? anything you want.
-Why? because is fun and interesting, see other people art, other people thoughts!
-To whom? well Me :D

Jessica Ramirez Partida
Valle de las perlas #2601
Col. Jardines del valle
Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

I recive your handmade artpostcard and answer you with one make by myself of course.

IMPORTANT RULES: yeah everything has some, but don't worry is easy.

1. Please be serious about this, make a little effort on your postcard, "mean it", your art skills doesn't matter.
2. You send one and everytime I answer with one.
3. The postal service is slow so aloud 3-4 weeks for the postcard to arrived.

Well that's it that's all, are you with meee!!!!???

Friday, October 16, 2009


Hello everyone!

Two days ago I finished at last my Calipso doll, yay!. Last week I had a artistic-mental-block? mmmm.....I really don't know if you say it like that ?___? and I'm not really sure that is has happened.
I sill don't have news on my October's show submission, but in the meantime what is this? lots of seashells?'s Calipso!! aahahahahah

Painted with acrylics.
Everyone! have a nice weekend :D

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MUCC in Mexico!!!!!

Yes!! Mucc (Japanese rock band) as part of their Solid Sphere Tour for the first time they will perform two shows in Latin America (Chile and Mexico) :O !!!!
I want to go so badly!!! their presentation for Mexico is in Mexico City (D.F), I live in Guadalajara and I want to go so badlyy!!!! but I don't want to go alone and I don't know other Mucc fans, so this is the thing if you happened to be a Mucc fan and for some miracle! you happened to live in Guadalajara and have noone to go whit to their concert, maybe we can get together!? or maybe if you happened to know some Mucc fans please let me know! ......Guadalajara Mucc Fans where are youuuu?!?!!? U___U
Estoy buscando fans de Mucc de Guadalajara que vayan a ir al concierto este proximo 1ro de noviembre al circo volador, no conozco a nadie q vaya a ir y no quisiera ir sola, si hay alguien a quien le interese tal vez podamos juntarnos para ir o algo? o tal vez sepas de algunos fans que planean ir y que ademas tengan ganas de hacer nuevos de Mucc en guadalajara donde estan?!?!?!?! U___U
If you happend to like rock, metal, visual kei and japan maybe Mucc is the music band for you!
This is an opportunity of a lifetime!!!!

My 1st envelope!

Today I found out that the 1st envelope that I send to the Mail Me Art Project2 arrived safely and it's now on the flickr gallery of the project , so I'm really happy XD!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Salon de Octubre

Ok! this is it, the thing that I been doing aaaall this days :) My submittion for the October Show exhibition (Salon de Octubre) that I was talking about yesterday, I made it with acrylics on canvas, 34 x 50 cm; it's free theme and free size (no more than 1.80cm) and this is what I came up to, what do you think?

Friday, October 2, 2009

A call for freedom of expression

Hello!! People, how is everything going?

"Associazione Culturale GoodDesign and HM Studio in collaboration with 4tomorrow are proud to launch Poster4Tomorrow – an open competition inviting the global creative community to create posters to draw attention to, and take action against, the repression of freedom of expression."
This sounds interesting, to know more or submit a poster go here Poster4tomorrow/09

In other news, I've been working on a painting for the October Show exhibition (El salon de Octubre) here at my hometown, it took me like foreveeeer to finished it, I'm so envius of people who get up and make more than one painting on the same day U__U I just can't figured out how people do that ?__?, anyways! I hope to get back soon to my doll making beacause I miss my dolls!!!
but I started other projects that needed to be finished, like the RAINN-bow project and the MailMeArt that I mentioned some posts ago.
I will show you pics of my painting tomorrow so stay tunned!

Monday, September 14, 2009

This is for my Sisters

Antony And The Johnsons - You Are My Sister lyrics
You are my sister, we were born
So innocent, so full of need
There were times we were friends but times I was so cruel
Each night I'd ask for you to watch me as I sleep
I was so afraid of the night
You seemed to move through the places that I feared
You lived inside my world so softly
Protected only by the kindness of your nature
You are my sister
And I love you
May all of your dreams come true
We felt so differently then
So similar over the years
The way we laugh the way we experience pain
So many memories
But there's nothing left to gain from remembering
Faces and worlds that no one else will ever know
You are my sister
And I love you
May all of your dreams come true
I want this for you
They're gonna come true (gonna come true)

Antony And The Johnsons and their MySpace Indie / Experimental / Folk Rock
I update my playlist with "you are my sister"

Save the balls!!

Patrik Bundeli, aka 2Much during a period when he was trying to quit smoking he decided to buy a package of ping pong balls and every time he felt the urge to smoke he would start painting one of the balls. After a while he had a very large number of those balls and began filling them with cotton and gluing them together to create these “totems” and Save the balls! kind of born hahaha
I find this very interesting, don't you? maybe everytime a feel the urge to eat something sweet I should do something like this!! T___T

Cart Before The Horse

Reading Freaky little Things the blog of Ive, I came across with these artists, Cart Before The Horse is all about handmade dolls quilting and lost of beatiful things, I fell in love with their lovely art immidiatly, their are having a giveaway on their blog and their art is a must see even without the giveaway! hehehe go and check theme out!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The RAINN- bow Project

"The RAINNbow Project is a fundraising cooperative of artists, from around the world, who are donating original works of art for the benefit of RAINN."

RAINN Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network

I made this two pieces of art for the fundraising, if you want to know more about the project, participated yourself or support us by buying the art please go here: The RAINNbow Project

I've always wanted to participate in something like this, something bigger than myself, something in which hopefully I could bring some help to others.

2 new envelopes for the Mail Me Art2 project

I finish this last month but I forgot about it's my september submition for the Mail Me Art2 Project, and this below is for october, both made with acrylics and markers.

Lately I've been worried because the art I've seen on the Mail Me Art2 Project it's more like street-graffiti-monster-art like and my stuff doesn't look like that at family think that it doesn't matter but.....I don't know....what do you think?!?!?!

Monday, September 7, 2009

E.E. Cumming Poem

I don't search for poetry intentionally even thought I like it, but sometimes poetry make is way to me, when such things happend I like to write it here on my blog, I think this kind of things are at least to me worth shearing because I find theme beatiful, creative and exeptionally inspiring.

I carry your heart with me by E.E.Cummings

i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

American poet Edward Estlin Cummings (October 14, 1894 – September 3, 1962)

Monday, August 31, 2009

From my journal

I haven't done much this month; as John Lennon said: Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans, yes John that's true :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Inspiration: Eugenio Recuenco

Photographer and artist Eugenio Recuenco born in Spain and as he explain himself he does what he wants. Increadible artistic, creative and inspirational I think.

Eugenio Recuenco Portfolio

Monday, August 24, 2009

Moon at monday art day

My Moon entry for Monday Art Day, this was fun to do, with her sky - chess style. I used markers, acrylics and watercolor

Monday, August 10, 2009

Art Journal

I'm the kind of person that overthings everything! so, I made my journal in order for me to get loose of my creativity without thinking that much beacuse to say the truth is really tiring my mind is in constan war against my own self if that make sense?.
I put together a bunch of unused different papers that I had at home, and put anything about everything or nothing on them to see were this journey takes me. I don't feel very free right know but I still have 196 pages to go!
My first page, if my heart has a draw shape I guess this is how it should look

Paradox 5: about reincarnation and Uroboros

Things that I like put together

Who Knows?
This is a picture because my scanner is mean!

Yabba Babba Hocus Pocus

This is a cool paper but it doesn't show here

moonatica 3rd

My 3rd illustration for my Moonatica project, illustrations with the moon theme, made with watercolors, the colors look better in person my scanner is being mean to me!!! U_U
P.S: Sis, espero que estes viendo esto!

Film Noir or Something......

Monday Art Day challenge entry Film Noir was a little hard for me I'm no sure why but it took me a ridiculous amount of time to figured out what I was going to try to do with it, at the end I'm not very happy with the results U_U but!! is my first attempt drawing a "boy" OMG! JAJAJAJA.
I always thought that it was too dificult for me and that I was going to make him look more like a girl or just awful o_O! but it looks like a boy!, maybe an awful one but a boy! :) don't you think?!? not that bad for the first......

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Yey!!! at last I made it! finish my rounds at all the artist from the ADO Challenge, I'm very happy, so many wonderful artist so much inspiration and beatiful art from the heart to the world.
On other things my submmition for the Monday ArtDay "astronaut" was choose as winner from that entry I'm so happy that somebody outhere actually likes my illustration :), thanks really!

and something more My mini Jessi was choose for the favorite list of the week on handmade toys fan club group on flickr by Sowashi each week she choose her 9 favorite creations to talk about handmade and also to promote other artists.
It's saturday night and still don have nothing for the "film noir" challenge at Monday artday!!! OMG!!! o_O!........

Monday, August 3, 2009


Ophelia the tree, my newest handmade doll, my little sister give me the idea of make a doll with a tree shape, I painted her a little blue bird on her head and an unknow creature hiden on her wood dress.
Painted with acrylics, 22cm tall.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mail Me Art 2

My 1st submission for the Mail me art 2, made with acrylics, markers, color pencils in a craft paper envelope.
The weekend is almost over, time flies!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back online again!

I'm back online again for good this time!.......well, I'm not sure about it O__o!! anyways!. As mention before this is my submition for Monday Artday "Astronaut", the next challenge is Film Noir, I have no idea of what to do with this one!XDDD
I will post more art tomorrow and make some time to see the rest of the artist from the ADO challenge and their dolls creations! at last!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Naveena of the Air

This is my submission for the ADO Art Doll Challenge! The name of my doll is Naveena. I chose air element for inspiraton, her clothes change to became the blue sky where the butterflies are flying in mid air.
I used fabric to make my doll and painted with acrilycs 24cm tall.
Thanks for stopping by & I hope you like it.
Please check out the other artists of the challenge at ADO blog & don't forget to leave a comment!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Termine esta ilustracion hace un tiempo pero no me di el tiempo de ir a escanearla completa ya que mi escaner es muy chico, tengo que llevarlo en camion a ver a donde asi que mejor decidi tomarle una de mis crapy fotos, auch!sorry!!

Materiales: Papel Marquilla, acrilicos Grumbacher, Faber-Castell black color.


When I update the playlist music a week or so ago I included this japanese band D'espairsRay, ther music as their name clearly says goes from light to dark from rock-pop to rock-metal and that's why I like them. If interested you can go to their Official webD'espairsRay or their My Space.

Mail Me Art 2

Mail Me Art is a British-based project, run by Darren Di Lieto, the founder and co-editor of the illustration news portal the Little Chimp Society.
The first Mail Me Art project brought together a vast collection of artistic work sent in the form of mail by both professional and amateur artists of all ages from across the world.
Now The Mail Me Art 2 it's open for submissions.

I think that this project it's really interesting and fun.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

ADO 4 elements Doll challenge

For all doll makers new and old a challenge and an excuse for making an art doll. For more detailes

Up! or high? XD

My sisters and I went to see the Up! Movie by disney pixar, because my little sister got good grades at school and because my grandma was visiting us she went too, my cousin have told us that the 3D version was something out of this world and that the price was totally worth it! I am pretty sure that my cousin was high when he went to see the movie!! O___o? XD don't get me wrong it's a good movie to watch and all the work in it it's really amaizing but the normal version do the job very well and it's less expensive, anyways! it's a very cute movie, the graphics are great and everyone can see it.


Dos nuevas mariposas, al fin terminadas!; esto de las mariposas se me ocurrio por que recuerdo que pasaba por una tienda de mascotas donde tenian mariposas disecadas enmarcadas y se veian muy bonitas y yo queria una, en ese entonces costaban 250$ pesos mexicanos y a mi me remordia la conciencia!!! de que las disecaran para tenerlas de adorno y que para colmo me gustaran O__o! Entonces decidi hacerme mis propias mariposas!! dah! XD

Use acrilicos Grumbacher sobre papel, a veces uso guarro mediano (es papel para acuarela) y otras uso marquilla.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


This is how the dolls I'm working on, look at the moment.

Alice Nine

Alice Nine it's a japanese band that a like, they play rock, soft rock, pop, balads and their look it's very trendy, kitch, or that's how looks to me XD the song I choose for the Las Noches playlist it's call "The Beatiful Name" and has really beatiful lyrics, that's way I choose it.

The Beautiful Name
Surpass the silent night, there are things to be shared
So stretch out your hand now, staring at the middle of the cage
The wind gayly plays the melody of spring
I was searching for it at the end of the world
The one and only precious thing.

Surpass the speed of sound, if we can melt come together,
We don't even need time
We keep walking and get lost in time, we pass each other.

So I'll give you a song now,
like spinning the thread that had come untied
The milky way is sparkling, it pierces our hearts
Take a leap, brilliantly
The blue of the sun, the parade of the angels

I want these thoughts to stay unchanged

Playing the piano in the same scenery
I want to meet you here
it comes true, let me wish

Before I forget
In our many encounters
Now, I'll call out your name

Earth of silence
Confused universe
Graced the beautiful name
(And I sing) buzz love song

I was searching for it at the end of the world
The song of praise for the unending tomorrow
As if to make up for the lost fragments
Here and now, I'll call out your name
Even if we're separated, it goes towards you somewhere

Translation credits Akatuski

I post this translation for the pourpose of showing the average feeling of the song and music of Alice Nine I don't own them or anything.
You can here more samples songs at their my space.

Playlist update

I update the playlist with more japanese music because I'm on the mood of that sort of sound XD. Added music by Alice Nine, L'arc en Ciel and my beloved D'espairsRay yey! XD and The Killers.

If you are interested on having a playlist for your own blog or page etc. At you can get it, need registration but it's free.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The sketchbook project

The Sketchbook Project By Art House
The Art House Gallery has some interesting art projects on their website, for artist from all over the world, check them out!

My 100 Cardboards

My 100 cardboars it's a project by Berni Valenta, it's about 100 diferent characters made on carboard. You can see pictures here or in his flickr account. I found this very inspirational! art can be made even with out all the fancy tools, creativity it's all we need!