Sunday, June 28, 2009

Alice Nine

Alice Nine it's a japanese band that a like, they play rock, soft rock, pop, balads and their look it's very trendy, kitch, or that's how looks to me XD the song I choose for the Las Noches playlist it's call "The Beatiful Name" and has really beatiful lyrics, that's way I choose it.

The Beautiful Name
Surpass the silent night, there are things to be shared
So stretch out your hand now, staring at the middle of the cage
The wind gayly plays the melody of spring
I was searching for it at the end of the world
The one and only precious thing.

Surpass the speed of sound, if we can melt come together,
We don't even need time
We keep walking and get lost in time, we pass each other.

So I'll give you a song now,
like spinning the thread that had come untied
The milky way is sparkling, it pierces our hearts
Take a leap, brilliantly
The blue of the sun, the parade of the angels

I want these thoughts to stay unchanged

Playing the piano in the same scenery
I want to meet you here
it comes true, let me wish

Before I forget
In our many encounters
Now, I'll call out your name

Earth of silence
Confused universe
Graced the beautiful name
(And I sing) buzz love song

I was searching for it at the end of the world
The song of praise for the unending tomorrow
As if to make up for the lost fragments
Here and now, I'll call out your name
Even if we're separated, it goes towards you somewhere

Translation credits Akatuski

I post this translation for the pourpose of showing the average feeling of the song and music of Alice Nine I don't own them or anything.
You can here more samples songs at their my space.

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