Saturday, November 28, 2009


One week ago, November 20 my grandfather died, i't was a kill you slowly, take your money and run away kind of story, you know that kind of thing that we see on tv about people that you know very well friends, or family doing horrible things for a few coins? it's totally truee!!!! OMG!!!

This "thing" went for almost 4 months and on the last month things just keep geting worst and worst and my family and I basically stop living trying to figured out how to fix this living hell, it doesn't matter anymore, my grandfather didn't make it; in the end he could not speak, eat or breath and he had this look in his face like saying: do something!!

I wish I could say he died fast and painless but he did not.

I still don't get it, this is just! I can't even tell what this is! how is that things like this happen just like that, no justice, no witness no nothing!

Yesterday I start painting again, between that and other problems in my life, I didn't work on my art at all.

Mi abuelo murio el 20 de noviembre del 2009.
My grandfather past away, november 20 of 2009.
11 gatsu nijyu youka Watashi no ojiisan ga shindeshimaimashita.

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