Monday, May 2, 2011

Painting my soul out.....

From all the things of the world that you could do you paint you paint you draw more or less aceptable so you keep on doing it
It really isnt nice or fun anymore it has became a burden a saddest reminder of how long have you been trying and fail and the words of people that say: give up already are the heaviest of all, the words are not the same but the meaning is
And you know you cant go on like this forever depending on others achieving only failures that makes you keep thinking maybe I can find something else that could bring me joy of some sort? that could make me a good person a mature person a person that can stand on its own?, you keep thinking and thinking but theres is no way out cuz more than anything………..
Its the feeling that eats you alive the feeling that makes you go on that pushes you further the reason that is bigger stronger harder that anyones everyones logic words even your own the reason of reasons for wich you know you cant sleep at night all night all nights cuz deep down you know is better to Die than Surrender! and so……………… paint for another day.
Las Noches

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