Saturday, May 26, 2012

Self promoting....I'm sorry......?

Normally I try to keep my journal not to personal and I was going to write a post about 100% chocolate (the all chocolate store in Japan) but I read something and I would like to write something about it here.

I was navigating over an amazing artist blog, one of her entry's caught my attention it was something about being sorry for posting such a self-promoting like entry then she clarify that to make it worth it she had found some useful info for artists that she was going to shared...............whut?!

Ok so I have read this and other peoples comments of the sort and I have to say that I do understand why people feels like that but are you serious? having to apologies for promoting your work is just ridiculous what are we supposed to do? not eat would be a good idea if you ask me but guess what? we cannot, in an ideal world all artists should be highly appreciated for their work! yay! and never ever even wonder what your going to eat tomorrow, or where you are going to live, or you have children? maybe they don't eat either! who knows! technology makes it all possible right? No! wrong! lol

Not only that, is also expected from the so call self promoter to give something interesting, useful, fun or just plain entertaining in exchange for such hideous fault!

Yeah I know I'm taking this to a exaggerated level but think it this way we don't like it neither! or at least I do not like it, is a tired, frustrating thing that takes an enormous amount of time that I could be using to create but it has to be done, wait what? spam? you see the same post over an over again? well yeah as in everything global time is all* you want to reach a large amount of people in the fastest way or be left behind in this super fast crazy world or maybe not?

For example when a movie, super big movie comes out something call promoting happens right?, and I don't see people complaining what so ever, you see the same add every 5 minutes on your tv or radio or even in the street as posters etc, but no one says hey you mister avenger why on earth are you stopping traffic with your self promoting thingy! you don't fool me! I know you do this to get me to give you my money and make you insanely, obscenely rich!! you are annoying! stop it already or word of honor I will unfollow you!  LOL ok I'm not comparing myself with a movie star but you know what I mean is not only ok people admire all that so from where comes all this apologising for self promoting your work as an artist, illustrator, musician, painter, designer,etc?

Also another thing I read today said: when something is pretty doesn't need marketing, touche!! so damn right in that case I'm the ugliest thing alive and my work is the ugliest thing alive and I need endless self promoting, that or drown myself in nuttela..................but hey! it's just my opinion it's well known that I got it wrong sometimes :) what do you think?


  1. The whole point of Blogs and all this social media IS SELF PROMOTION, that is it's raison d'etre. Anyone who thinks otherwise is naive in the extreme.


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