Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Eye Collector & faces

Hello everyone! how are you doing?

I have been featured in The Eye Collector art magazine :D here: Eye Collector ......aaalso I'm working in new face necklaces but I want to do something different, this time I want the graphite to show up even if I add some color or maybe leave them as graphite drawings only? I don't know >< I can't make up my mind! what do you think? as always the picture doesn't show the actual detail that they have T0T 

I have so much that I want to do that I feel like going crazy @.@ I wish I could shush my brain more efficiently!!! haha last week I was moaning about having an artistic block now I want my head to stop thinking so much, go figure xD and in other things!! I try to post using the programming and it worked like 2 times after that only failures =.= don't know why tho- 

ok I hope everyone is doing well see you all soon! xoxo

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