Friday, October 30, 2009

Handmade - Art - Postcard - Worldwide - Exchange

It's been so many days since I write something here, some things had happend, my submission for the october expo didn't make it to the final yeah sadly, many things are going on in my mind that I haven't been working as much as I intent to, so many family issues and stuff.

In other news I decided to go on my own to Mexico City to see my beloved Mucc!!! yes!! I'm very happy about it!! a-n-d scared! XD please wish me luck.

This idea has been on my mind for a long time now and I decided to give it a try, maybe in the worst case nobody would send anything! O_o OK! this is it, Handmade-Art-Postcard-Worldwide-Exchange! yeeee!!!
-And how this works?well, you make an artpostcard and send it to me, anyone from any part of the world.
-With what? with anything you want, watercolor, acrylics, oleo, pen, pencil, collage, fabrics, poetry, digitalart you name it!
-Size? 6X4 1/4 inches is standar size.
-Theme? anything you want.
-Why? because is fun and interesting, see other people art, other people thoughts!
-To whom? well Me :D

Jessica Ramirez Partida
Valle de las perlas #2601
Col. Jardines del valle
Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

I recive your handmade artpostcard and answer you with one make by myself of course.

IMPORTANT RULES: yeah everything has some, but don't worry is easy.

1. Please be serious about this, make a little effort on your postcard, "mean it", your art skills doesn't matter.
2. You send one and everytime I answer with one.
3. The postal service is slow so aloud 3-4 weeks for the postcard to arrived.

Well that's it that's all, are you with meee!!!!???


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  2. Hola Jessica! Es una lástima que tu obra no fue elegida para el Salón de Octubre, la mía tampoco lo fue, pero bueno, compensa que están en exposición mis obras en el Hotel Carlton hasta el 2 de diciembre :)

    Te interesaría que hiciéramos un intercambio de postales? aunque vivimos en la misma ciudad las enviamos por correo para sentir la emoción de recibirla :) me encanta recibir correo. Curioso que ahorita estoy haciendo una pintura postal para una convocatoria, aprovecho para hacer otra e intercambiarla contigo :) Te prometo que haré una bonita postal para ti :)

    Espero tu respuesta y un abrazo!

  3. Hola Sandra! Si pues es una pena que no nos escogieran pero ya habra otras oportunidades :) por cierto felicidades! por tu expo en el hotel!!! :D Y, claro que me encantaria que intercambiaramos postales! a mi tambien me encanta recivir correo XD


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