Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MUCC in Mexico!!!!!

Yes!! Mucc (Japanese rock band) as part of their Solid Sphere Tour for the first time they will perform two shows in Latin America (Chile and Mexico) :O !!!!
I want to go so badly!!! their presentation for Mexico is in Mexico City (D.F), I live in Guadalajara and I want to go so badlyy!!!! but I don't want to go alone and I don't know other Mucc fans, so this is the thing if you happened to be a Mucc fan and for some miracle! you happened to live in Guadalajara and have noone to go whit to their concert, maybe we can get together!? or maybe if you happened to know some Mucc fans please let me know! ......Guadalajara Mucc Fans where are youuuu?!?!!? U___U
Estoy buscando fans de Mucc de Guadalajara que vayan a ir al concierto este proximo 1ro de noviembre al circo volador, no conozco a nadie q vaya a ir y no quisiera ir sola, si hay alguien a quien le interese tal vez podamos juntarnos para ir o algo? o tal vez sepas de algunos fans que planean ir y que ademas tengan ganas de hacer nuevos amigos.....fans de Mucc en guadalajara donde estan?!?!?!?! U___U
If you happend to like rock, metal, visual kei and japan maybe Mucc is the music band for you!
This is an opportunity of a lifetime!!!!


  1. I love Mucc, too! Too bad I live in Canada. :(

  2. Really?! what a cool coincidence, isn't?. Don't worry I'm sure that if they can make their way to the far away Mexico then soon enough they will reach Canada!!!!

    Did you like other japanese bands?


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