Friday, June 15, 2012

100% CHOCOLATE cafe

There's a place in Japan that I would be sooo thrill to visit *____* 100% Chocolate located in Kyobashi, Cho-ku, Tokyo Meiji Kyobashi Bldg. 100% Chocolate cafe is part of   Meiji Co, Ltd a japanese company that sells between other things all kinds of candy. The cafe and head quarters are in the same building.

A sugar lover as myself a place that is all about chocolate in Japan could not be missed!!!

They have 56 different flavors of solid chocolate square shaped, with number and code color 1-22 single bean chocolate made with cacao from a specific country, 23-27 variations of sweetener, 28-32 variations of milk, 33-40 discovery of Japan (blends of Japan's flavors) 41-48 European taste, 49-54 variations of spices & herbs 55-56 early blends of Meiji.

They also have the chocolate of the day (a different flavor everyday), the date is stamped on the chocolate @.@!

of course they have other stuff like cakes, drinks, ice creams...... chocolate and nothing but chocolate! 

Can this be more heavenly!?!? seriously! ><

Recently opened on May 22th of this year another shop "Soramachi tokyo sky tree"

For real what can I say they even have souvenirs, shisus! you know that I only want to be there.
Website in Japanese only:

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