Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sail Away Drawing

Finishedddddddddddddddd!!!!!!! me happy shakes butt* xD I drew till 3am I wanted to finish it so badly!! but  I finished till the next day.

I'm the most happy when I manage to work fast and non stop I wish that to happen more often OTL. with this piece I was in the "zone" haha you know? when you can see it sooo clearly in your mind, when you know exactly how you want it to look like, aaaaaaah it was so much fun to do! :D


  1. Hi,
    nice to find your blog!!!! Your art works are amazing!!!

    Thanks to have joined Sara Arts - My wish List Flickr Group and share with us your works!!!

    I follow your blog with pleasure.

    See you soon,

    1. Sara Thank you very much! I'm so happy that you like my work :D your blog is so lovely and full of great stuff! I'm happy to follow back.


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