Sunday, April 22, 2012

old cooking recipe book illustrations

Some old illustrations that I found cleaning my folders! for a recipe book xD 

Soup section I dont remember I think I used watercolor and colored pencils on this one...? mmm......who knows by now otl "Someone's been eating my porridge!"

Ink and acrylic, karft paper is not fancy at all but is fun to work on it I think :) 

omg LOL I got inspired by Fozzy bear for this!!!  why did the chicken cross the road? to get to the pan! lolololol ........cough* ok anyways........

Sugarland!! this paper is all bling bling in real life 

what I was thinking?!?!?! LOL
Well the person who got this illustrations was very pleased with them!! but ironically she doesnt cook at all!!! @.@ sigh* but! I remember they were so much fun to make :)
thanks for watching have a nice day everyone! 

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