Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A fast trip + a postcard

This place is call La peñita de Jaltemba is where my grandpa used to live, is 4hrs away from Jalisco and 1hr from Vallarta.

I took this pics on a little trip I made with my mother a few weeks back
it was very hard cuz we made it in just one day!! we could not stay the night so in total it was 8hrs on the bus I was dying!!! @.@ with nausea sigh*** haha

The birds fight each other to get a spot on the wires O.o is insane 

Trying to catch that bird on flight...........LOL my focus went all wrong

Isn't amazing how blue the sky was that day??!

Trying to get the waves before they touch my feet ups! so blurry, Im still lerning to use my camera Im sure it has some feature to shoot stuff in motion somewhere....? 

 Is that a heart what Im seeing there!!!!??? hehe yeah my obsession with heart shaped stuff never ends ><

Outside my window back at home :)

And a postcard from All the lonely hearts series that I forgot to upload.......well that it I hope you are having a great day!

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